How much coffee do you have to drink to get addicted?

I have been drinking a lot of coffee 2 cups every other day or so..and I was wondering how long until im addicted? I want to be carefull.

Answer #1

It seems like you want an addiction for some strange reason. Coffee doesn’t take long to get addicted to though, mmm I love the smell.

Answer #2

I’d say about 3 cups a day everyday maybe. I’m addicted to coffee I have to admit and it doesn’t take long to get addicted. But like the other person said, you can always try decaf.

Answer #3

I work in a coffee house and I see people who have to have it every 4-5 hours. THAT’s addiction. if you’re worried, maybe decaf would help you

Answer #4

its different for everyone I drink coffee one day and I have to keep drinking unless my head would start killing me…it depends

Answer #5

a lot

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