Why do people get addicted to cutting?

when people cut and they say they cant sotp.. how do they get addicted to it when it hurts? I cut before but it wasnt hard for me to stop because when I did it hurt and scared me.but how do people like it? even if they say it helps them express theyre feelings.. they still feel the pain

Answer #1

Most people feel pain and it scares them. So they dont do it. Some people, feel numb. So the pain is good because it means they’re alive. Some people are in so much emotional pain, that cutting is a way to help ease that pain (it’s a distraction, it’s a punishment, it’s a way to show how bad you feel, etc etc). It does release endorphins, perhaps those are the hormones courtney is talking about. Not that endorphins are a cure or that depression is in your hormones. People cut for all sorts of reasons. It’s not a healthy coping tool. But it is effective for some people. This is a hard one to explain. That you dont understand why physical pain is preferable to emotional pain is a good thing. Just be glad you dont get it. There are lots of things that if we’re healthy and whole we dont get. Like psychosis (cannot relate to this at all). It’s probably a good thing.

Answer #2

I was going to cut myself not long ago because some days I get really depressed and want to diee. but once people start its hard for them to give up because to them their life seems soo bad and theres no point in living it. but my friend told me that people cut themselves because depression is in your hormones, and when you cut they believe that they come out and make things better.

Answer #3

the release of anger is a drug to them, seriously, it is exactly like being addicted to a drug, because if you stop cutting, then you get sad or angry, you think about doing it and think about the feeling, just like cravings!

Answer #4

it helps them get out anger, and forget about their problems and focus on the pain. it just pretty much helps them to not think about whats upsetting them.

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