negative attention addict, need ways to get it.

How can I make people worry about me? I’m addicted to negative attention. I’ve already cut and starved myself, what else can I do?

Answer #1

I’ve done those things and I got attention. but you should find someone who really cares about u.

Answer #2

Please talk to your family doctor. If you don’t get help, your life will not be pleasant, and may be very short. 20% of eating disorders are fatal.

Good Luck!!

Answer #3

Find someone to love you and give you all the attention you need.

Answer #4

no, you need to stop and you need to get help what you have is a seriouse problem and you need to get help for it its not in any way healthy and wasting your life trying to get people to worrry over you for the simple fact that you want attention is wrong horribly wrong seriously talk to a friend, parent, doctor, counsellor, teacher, ect this isnt normal and its not good if you have problems, talk about them to people you trust people arnt mind readers, they wont know anythings wrong unless you tell them there is but hurting yourself or saying things that are lies is only hurting everyone else…and over nothing by doing this your causing unessessary stress, pain, time ect and making them worry over lies and your only fooling yourself as well your looking for attention for all the wrong reasons its like a lady who lied about everything because she wanted attention, sometimes even mothers do it…theyll hurt there babies, take the to the hospital when nothings wrong, tell there friends that there sick when there not…all to get there attention then later when the people around them learnt that there so called friend lied about everything…all the tust is gone, they cant beleive how selfish that person was, and why theyd put thermselves wanting attention in front of there own health and there babys health as well people dont want to know liars if you had a friend, would you like that she lied to you about everything, just because she selfishly wanted your attention? and didnt care about how you felt or how worried you were… she just wanted you to worry the f*ck over her because she likes it …you do need to get help

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