Getting the urge to cut again

hey everyone I’ve stopped cutting but I’ve been getting the urge 2 cut again its been so hard trying 2 get rid of my scars and its finally going away but now im so close 2 cutting again please someone give me advice?

Answer #1

thaks 4 the advice im 14 just 2 let you guys know I’ve tried most of them but it doesnt really help me im srry but thanks 4 the advice

Answer #2

Try thinking of other things or when you get the urge don’t think about it but get like some comfort food or do anything to get your mind off it, like take a walk around the block or something or run off your urges, think about if you do this again you’ll get more scars and thats not good, I have scars on my arms and legs and my friends thought I cut but I never have, and I hate my scars because people think I cut.

I hope I helped even a little.

Answer #3

enertain yourself write poems do somethink creative trust me it works

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