Can someone simply explain 9/11 to me?

That sounds so dumb, and i know a lil about it but today i was watching a documentary about it and there are some things i just want clarifying so could someone please explain the events of that day in simple terms. Thanks.

Answer #1

9/11 was the date of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York. Two Al-Qaeda, an extremist Islamic (Muslim) group members had committed a su!cide terrorist attack by purposefully flying two planes into the towers within an intent to kill themselves and to cause damage to the Towers and therefore also the people inside.

The important thing most people need to remember about the 9/11 attacks is that this was done by an extremist Islamic group and that the majority of Muslims do not necessarily support or agree with it.

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I’m not sure if this is what was you wanted.. :S

Answer #2

Aha i just wanna clarify, so they hijacked a normal american plane? But yeah thanks that was awesome!

Answer #3

Yeah, they did and thanks aha.

Answer #4

There were 19 hijackers involved, and they took control of four planes. Two of those planes brought down the “twin towers” of the World Trade Center in Manhattan. One was deliberately crashed into the Pentagon (U.S. military headquarters).

The fourth plane was redirected toward a target in Washington, DC - probably either the White House or the Capitol building - and was the only one of the four that failed to reach its intended target. It failed because the 33 passengers voted to try to prevent it and a group of them stormed the cockpit to overpower the hijackers. When the hijackers saw that they could not keep control, they crashed the plane in an empty field in Pennsylvania, killing only the people aboard.

If you don’t mind my including an opinion, one of the most memorable aspects of the atrocity, to me, is that these brave civilian passengers, unarmed and with no advance preparation whatsoever, succeeded where the whole security and defense apparatus of the country had failed. A vivid illustration of how a democratically self-empowered populace - rather than costly military might or a professional warrior class - is the real potential guarantor of national security.

Answer #5

I watched a documentary about it what happened inside the miltary nad the forces while it was happening. They obviously tried there hardest but didn’t know what to do i guess :/ The fact them people died saving loads of others is aspirational.

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