Why didn't we have warning of 9-11?

I’ve been wondering, why do you think it is that people who claim to ‘see or be able to tell the future’ gave us no (not-one) warning of September 11, 2001 ?

Answer #1

Just seems to me that if their radar couldn’t pick up this TITANIC ‘blip’ on the screen, they need a new radar ! :-)

Answer #2

What are we talking about? The sci-fi channel? Oh we had plenty of warnings and they started when Jimmy Carter was in office we just didn’t know when someone was gonna stop saying Boo and actually hit us. . . . .Kinda like a game of chicken.

Answer #3

our government knew..because they planned it oh and I think 77destinie is right I’ve heard something about that

Answer #4

Money. It was all based on oil and profits from something thats not ours, the american government are thieves and liars.

Answer #5

I have not seen any credible proof of precognition working better than random chance.

If you look at predictions by Nostradamus they are more poetic than precise. When events occur believers go over his quatrains and when they find one that through some convoluted interpretation seems to predict the event they hold it up and claim yet another of his predictions came to be. I’m not aware of anyone ever successfully interpreting Nostradamus’ predictions beforehand, but only of claims of vindication after the fact.

If you have a skeptical streak about such things James Randi has lots of interesting things to say about clairvoyance, precognition, esp, etc.

Answer #6

Although people who claimed that they had “visions” of that disasterous day, who would have believed them? I mean, we live in a world today in which people lie. People are BIG liars, and not one person could have just walked up to the President, and said, “I saw a vision of what is going to happen.” Even if those people were telling the truth, not one person in NYC would have believed him/her. It’s sad to think that this entire tragedy could have been stopped, but things happen for a reason, and to answer your question, I think they knew that no one would believe them…I’m not exactly sure, because how can you be sure of anything today?? :D

Hope I helped. <3

Answer #7

The one time I talked to a guy who said he was clairvoyant made some relatively general claims, and the timeframe he used with me & other people he’d made “predications” about were off by a few years here, and a year or six months there.

Given that kind of generality, it’d be impossible to report & claim “there will be disaster in new york eventually”. Also, after a fashion, we did have an incredibly clear warning about the two towers in New York City: the movie armageddon.

If you haven’t seen it in a while, watch it again - not only is it a good movie with Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck & other people, but they show asteroids hitting & destroying good chunks of the two towers in NYC. The explosions were very, very close to what really happened about 3 or 4 years later.

In historical context, I believe that was a warning as close as people could have gotten, but people being people, they wouldn’t believe anyway that something bad will happen.

Answer #8

Well, remember, we did have warning of 9-11, the famous memo that Condi Rice testified about: “Bin Laden determined to strike U.S.”.

We did not need a psychic for that.

Still and all, suppose we had a genuine clairvoyant? Normally he/she would be derided as a charlatan, and no one would pay attention. And generally famous clairvoyants are wrong most of the time, and get it right as often as my 3 year old daughter.

Answer #9

it was on the 20 and 50 dollar bills when you fold them they show the towers burning

Answer #10

Also, someone already predicted it, it was alex jones. Youtube or googlevideo it

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