How can I file a report on someone whos not an immagrant ?

How can I file a report on someone for not being an immagrant in canada ? I tried calling their immagrant phone number but its down at the moment Is there other ways to file a report online or sumthing? I noe of someone here whos not an immagrant here in canada shes a pest to society here …well at least towards my family . She calls us and causes problems with everyone with in my family … Shes abusive towards her kids shes an alcholic and she has some nerve to wish death upon on my grandfather and family members??? Its really starting to become an annoyance and I really cant take this crap anymore!

Is their a way I can file a report online accusing someone for not being an immagrant here in canada? If anyone can help me id gladly appreciate it


Answer #1

I don’t believe there is such thing like filling a form online to complain on a person. That being said you should listen to what “ty” said in the above post and contact your local police department. Like I said previously this is a serious meter and I cant tell you what to do, you should really consider the consequences before doing anything.

Answer #2

I’ve tried that website and I looked through everything I dont noe where I can go to file the report … can you explain to me where I should look ? the phone number is down at the moment so I cant called them …

Answer #3

This is a serious matter, and most likely you will have more luck by going through this website

Answer #4

The fact you are so hellbent on calling them this very moment and you are not even willing to wait until tomorrow or the next day makes me think you are doing this out of spite or revenge. Reporting someone to immigration is SERIOUS. You will change her life forever… Why have you not called the police or child protective services so they can investigate your allegations of child abuse? If you have witnessed abuse and not reported it, then in my book you are guilty also. It is our job, as humans, to protect children. If you witnessed abuse and just want her deported then there is some other reason you are going after this woman. Sorry, but you don’t sound on the up and up on this. You just sound spiteful.

Answer #5

Sigh. You cant file a report for someone not being an immigrant. An immigrant is someone who has moved into a place. So you’re basically saying that she didnt move to Canada. If she’s moved there illegally, she’s an illegal immigrant. I’d advise you to think about what you’re doing. She may be abusive to her kids (which needs to be reported to the proper authorities), but if they deport her, those kids are going with her, I hope you realize that you could be ruining a lot of other lives. And just call up your local cops, they’ll give you the line to immigration services.

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