What do you think of this digusting act of terrorism?

Yes…I said it Its terrorism Im talking about america… Well its obvious that 9/11 was completely planned in every way shape and form but that should not be news to anyone because thats how american government works (as it has for a very long time)

But this really really has just angered me beyond belief… I mean I am absolutely irate!

Ok so ill try to keep it short But I guess now they are selling memoribelia for 9/11? This isnt a knicks game! This is a horrible act of murder that destroyed lives and gave an excuse for war,famine and genocide!

What they are doing is making silver,limited edition bills with the numbers 9 and 11 on it…

Are you pissed off yet? Well I dont think you understand the gravity of the situation so let me explain…

The definition of terrorism is:

  1. The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. For political purposes.
  2. The state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
  3. A terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

(thats from dictionary.com btw)

Now does that word sound familiar? It should because it is being thrown at us every day…this is to scare you Now natural human nature is to confide in someone when you are scared Our government has there arms wide open… Well its an embrace I would rather avoid thank you very much…

Ill keep my mind please :)

Ps: if you want some proof to the whole 9/11 truth…you can just funmail me and ill send you some links to various researchers,scientists,etc.

Thanks for reading…

Answer #1

I never said I didnt appreciate these soldiers who fight in a war they never wanted to fight in… thats not what im saying… I have a lot to say about 9/11 but let me just say that there is no evidence linking sadaam or osama to these “attacks”

anyway the only “terrorism” I see is through our mainstream media

Answer #2

rickd, your view of terrorism is extremely myopic. Not everyone who disagrees with our policies in the mideast do so because they are enemies of democracy. That type of rhetoric is not founded in reality. While the tactics can easily be dismissed as barbaric and counter productive, their motives can not be criticized quite so easily, so people resort to meaningless platitudes like “they hate us because of our freedoms”. Does anyone honestly believe that a musilm chooses to become a terrorist, risk their lives, live in the shadows constantly hiding, simply because of “our freedoms”. That is such a silly concept, but it is amazing how much traction it gets. Their motives are simple. They want us to stop interfering in their countries and region. It has nothing to do with the way Americans live their lives. There is no excuse for their actions, but ignoring their motives is extremely dangerous and will lead to more terrorism, not less.

Answer #3

its not bashing its the truth

anyway thanks for your answers :) keep em comin

Answer #4

and I must ask… do you believe that 9/11 was completely orchestrated and carried out by the U.S.?

Answer #5

I agree, it’s sick that people make business out of something so tragic.

I think you might need a blog to write this kinda stuff down.

Answer #6

I saw the commercial for these bills and did think it was in poor taste. While having the government profiting from selling collectables about a horrific tragedy is distasteful, there are far worse things this country has done that would warrant irateness (is that a word?) much more. This is not one of them.

While I think there are many many questions about 9/11 that have never been answered and should be thoroughly investigated, I don’t believe it was completely orchestrated by the US. I think they knew something big was coming, and they welcomed it as their chance to do what they really wanted to do (even prior to taking control of the white house). The overthrow of Saddam, and unending war in the mideast.

Answer #7

I agree. That is wrong… They are greedy people.

Answer #8

and I must ask… do you believe that 9/11 was completely orchestrated and carried out by the U.S.?

       Yes it was.
Answer #9

You could look at it like that… or you could try opening your mind a bit and think to yourself, would you rather them try and make something good out of what happened, something for the families of all those slaughtered in the act, or would you rather them perpetuate the truth? Go on and on and keep living in the past while they watch all of the cilvilians of our country go crazy and be scared all the time out of fear? I mean I see your point and in some ways it is wrong, but on the other side of the scale, their is just purpose behind their acts… at least I’m sure we’d all like to think so. Just try and look outside the box…

Answer #10

there were people from other countries that played a part in this obviously BUT it was payed for and planned by the U.S ‘higher ups’ im not talking about bush…hes just a messenger boy (a bad choice seeing as he cant spell ) im totally with you amoeba [ as usual :) ] but this means so much more than just some coins to me I think it is profiting off of murder…

btw I dont think its living in the past seeing as 9/11 is what gave a good excuse to get us in this war…

Answer #11

There are many things that make me irate…this is not one of them. The president lying to enter into this war, makes me irate. Children dying of starvation in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, makes me irate. The rape and murder of thousands in Darfur, makes me irate… Selling some coins, I could care less. There is always someone out there ready to make a buck off tragedy…

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