What is it called when someone writes a written statement for you for court?

I know it starts with an “A”. And how do i go about doing it? My friend was a witness to a situation that happened and he cant go to court with me so he agreed to write a written statrment.

Answer #1

It’s an affidavit

Answer #2

Sorry missed the second part…the affidavit forms are available at the courthouse, it can be filled out there and signed by a commissioner.

Answer #3

Talk to your attorney. I’ve written one of those for a friend before, I just wrote it on a regular piece of paper and signed/dated it. I’m not sure if it will be the same for you, so you’re just better off talking to your attorney.

Answer #4

Colleen is correct, it’s called an affidavit. All he has to do is write a page or two, describing what happened, and what he seen. He just says what he would say in court as a witness, but on paper.

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