How do I tell my mom I'm pregnant?

I live with my single-parent mom and I’m 16years old, and my baby daddy is also 16, but my mom hates him with a passion. I’m afraid that she might not let me be with him even though I’m pregnant, or she might add way to much stress to our situation. Our family doesn’t believe in abortions but I don’t know how to tell her and get the best possible outcome. She’s already noticing that I haven’t had my period this month and I don’t know when or how is the best way to tell her. Help please!!!

Answer #1

just tell her…get into a friendly conversation with her and just tell her….hey, i got pregnant a little while ago, and i’m 16…but i had a miscarriage…so i wish you and ur bf the best of luck!

Answer #2

The best thing you can do for yourself and your mother is to be honest. I was a young mother and hiding it will only make it worse. Have you even seen a doctor yet for your checkups? It is not just about you anymore sweetie…you are caring another life who is soley dependent on you and everything you do. Your mother will probably be upset, but whats done is done…there is no reversing it now. Being a young mother is hard, and I am pretty sure your mother doesn’t want to see it disrupt your life. Remember just because you will be having a baby doesn’t mean you can not finish school…keep in mind the babies future. Good Luck!

Answer #3

Telling the truth is the way to go.. Shes will find out sooner or later and You hvae to accept conciqueces for your actions..

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