Would you ever shave your eyebrows completely off?

I have before. I used to keep them shaved, and draw my eyebrows on. Finally, I got tired of having to draw them on all the time. Every time I would sweat, scratch my face, or rub my face on something…my eyebrows would get messed up, lol.

So, now I just keep them shaped. :]

Answer #1

No, I like the way my eyebrows look and I could not imagine having to take the time to draw them on everyday, or everytime they got messed up, not to mention how they would come off when swimming. I rather spend a few minutes a day plucking them.

Answer #2

I did it once and looked like a ninja turtle my bro said, then I colored them in

Answer #3

I used too shave them off and draw them on also, and i loved the way it looked. I stopped though because it was way too much work and i was always worried about them smudging or running.

Answer #4

Same here.

Answer #5

No way lmaooo .

Answer #6

I love my eye brows!

Answer #7

I use to do it, but its way to much work, and then what if they never grew back one day?! :o

Answer #8

I’m sorry that’s gross I’ve heard of people waxing them I would definitely keep to shaping them plus the more you shave them the less likely they’ll come back

Answer #9

How is it gross? Haha, I don’t think it’s “gross”… :/ Maybe it looks weird…but gross?

Answer #10

No, I’ve never done it before. I prefer having my eyebrows waxed and shaped by someone who knows what they’re doing. I do not know how to in that area. xD

Answer #11

No, i like my eyebrows

Answer #12

No way. I think that it looks messed up unless you know what you’re really doin’. A girl at my school did it… and it was ….bad. It also depends on the person though really. :)

Answer #13

well yeah u need them and the have a purpose its kinda like shaving ur head but smaller

Answer #14

Well your eyebrow do serve a purpose to protect your eyes from sweat. If you shave them off then you no longer have them to catch these and the salts in your sweat can make your eyes burn.

Answer #15

Hell to the no! I like my eyebrows and would never shave them off and draw them on. That just sometimes looks stupid and too fake for me.

Answer #16

We need them? I don’t think so. Yes, they are nice to have, they draw attention to your eyes, and they can help in communication…but other than that, they don’t really serve a vital purpose. We don’t need them, we can live without them. I shaved mine off before, but I am still okay…I didn’t die. Also, I still don’t see how it is “gross”…?

Answer #17

lol.. Im glad Im not the only one you argue with..jk

Answer #18

I would never ever ever ever ever ever not in a millions years even consider shaving my eyebrows off. I have acute trichotillomania so my eyebrows are a bit sparse anyway, and they’re pale so in some lights they look a bit not-really-there. Imagine if I shaved them off - what colour would I draw them back on?! It’d look mental. I personally don’t appreciate the drawn on look and I love the look of natural, shaped eyebrows. But that’s just me :)

Answer #19

I’m not arguing with her at all… it’s a conversation. When someone says something that is not true, and someone else disagrees and states facts proving their point…that is not an argument.

Answer #20

Well, I guess you could call it an argument…but it’s more of a debate. Argument sounds negative, like if people are bickering back and forth…which is not the case here.

Answer #21

Okay. Sure.

Answer #22

No, i dont think i would i mean theres nothing wrong with it but nah i wouldnt :P

Answer #23

No efin wayy!!! @least not all the way! My bro used to shave lines on his eyebrows, and he convinced me to try it. No lie it did look kinda badass lol but never all the way!

Answer #24

um yeah u do need them they’re just like ur eyelashes they’re meant to keep things out of ur eyes

Answer #25

They help yes, but you still don’t need them. If you needed them, you would die without them, like food or water….but you won’t die if you shave your eyebrows off.

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