Would this hair look weird with my eyebrows?

Im a dark haired brunette but I want to add something different to my style. I was kind of thinking of a trio color. Maybe light brown hair with and addition of bronzy and blond highlights. Would that look odd with dark eyebrows or look odd in general?

Answer #1

I think it’d look real good..its a good trio combination..if you have any doubts or dont like your eyebrow color afterwards its always optional if you want to dye your eyebrow hair the same color or close to it..discuss it w. your hairstylist to see what looks and suits you best!

Answer #2

I too have dark brown hair and have tried getting it lighter brown and it comes out a reddish color. I think having a lighter brown/dark blonde highlight would be good.

Answer #3

I think that would look great.

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