If I Shaved Off My Eyebrows...

sometimes when people shave off their eyebrows spots never grow back.. sometimes large spots.. how often does this happen to people?? most the time or very little?? ???

Answer #1

I shave my eyebrows off a couple times I did not regret it. I’ve grown them fully back both times, but they did tend to grow back more fully, or look thicker than before. After a few weeks they thinned out and looked the same darkness/thickness as before I shaved them. Now I shave my eyebrows every week with a beard and mustache trimmer at 3 setting. My eyebrows are really thick and when I shave them at 3 setting, they are still there, it thins them out, and I don’t have to worry about them.

Answer #2

don’t say anything when you don’t even know the reason.

Answer #3

no offense but that is stupid you shouldn’t do it I will be laughing when you get made fun of

Answer #4

eh, it’s not anyone’s choice but mine.. I’m going to do it… reasons, for reasons.. otherwise I think I probably would regret it ^_^ I’m not doing it until I know for sure what I’m doing though!! but yeah, I already know most of what I’m doing.. but before I do anything, months and months maybe years of practice before they completely come off.

Answer #5

DO.NOT.SHAVE.OFF.YOUR.EYE.BROWS.!!! Seriously hun, My brother thought his eyebrows were to big so he shaved them off. He got made fun of sooo much, and it took a few months for them to grow back. Just don’t ever shave off your eyebrows. I promise you will regret doing it if you do.

Answer #6

It depends. If you are above the age of 35-40, little to no eyebrows will probably grow back. Also, if you shaved off the follicle then they probably wont grow back…

Answer #7

uhmmm don’t just don’t

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