How do I get my pussy completely shaved without it hurting?

Whenever I shave my pu ssy it always hurts to shave against the grain of the hair, but if I don’t shave against it then it doesn’t shave it clean. I want to clean, soft pu ssy, but it hurts so badly and leaves the skin all red.

Answer #1

Shave with the grain, May take multiple swipes. Be sure to use a clean/sharp razor. Also, use 1 wet ibuprofen/tylenol tablet (turn into a paste) and rub it on freshly shaven area, let stand for a minute or so and rinse.

Answer #2

waxing in the most painful experience I have ever had on my pu ssy. I find the best thing is to either use hair removal cream or to put on lots of aqueus cream (a thick white cream which is unscented and in a big tub) and then shave with lots of that on the hair.

Answer #3

Hey, I used to have the same problem and it especially hurt (and itched) during the next 2 or 3 days. I would get an awfull shavers rash too which completely ruined the whole effect!! lol.

Anyway I went to the chemist and explained I needed some anti itch cream and why, well the lady was very helpull and explained that one of the younger women that worked there was actually a swimsuit model and was told to shave using a brand new dry razor and baby talc.

Use a brand new razor and cover the area with baby talc/powder first. No water anywhere near it!!!

Obviously you may need to use more than 1 razor and I always finish with a baby lotion after to stop any irritation.

Answer #4

I have to ask – WHY are you doing that? I’m a guy and I just don’t understand why a girl would shave down there.

Answer #5

Have you tried hair removel cream or waxing? x x

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