How would an eyebrow piercing look on me.. (im a guy)?

Hi, I was thinking about getting m eyebrow pierced, some friends of mine said it might look good on me. The problem is I have preeetty thick eyebrows.. so im not sure if it would look bad for that reason? Let me know what you think, thanks !

Answer #1

dont get it done… most girls dont realy like guyz with peircings on their face

Answer #2

Sort of difficult to say how it would look on you, seeing as how none of us know what you look like…Without a pic it is hard to say

Answer #3

I luv guys wit peircins on there face specially eye brow I thnk its very hott I thnk that if you thnk you would like it and you thnk it would look good then it shouldnt matter what anybdy else thnks or what ever and if you don’t like it when if you get it dun den you can always take it out but that would b kind of a waste of maney 2 pay 4 it den take it out well hope I helpd lil bit =)

Answer #4

yeaahh its kinda hard to tell…

Answer #5

Well, since u’re a guy you should get a small piercing not one of those big ones.

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