HAHA would you ever wear these pants??

Sorry forgot the pic of them last time OOPS… but would you ever wear them?

Answer #1

I like cargo pants and ripped jeans are a nono lol fisherman pants rule

Answer #2

Dunno, probably no, even if I want them, mum wouldnt buy them for me, lolz

Answer #3

I wouldnt, but my daughter probably would. She’d probably put MORE holes in them!!lol

Answer #4

No I like to wear fishermen paints.

Answer #5

I wouldnt.. they look dirty :L

Answer #6

no, I wouldn’t. not my style

Answer #7

Yep, I would.

Answer #8

I dont think I would… I like the messy style, but for some reason, my brain doesnt allow me to wear it… it some how neatens everything up So for me there can be no holes or paint stains… everything has to be neat and perfect.

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