science versus spirituality

Why do science always find a way to contradict spirtuality?

Answer #1

ah the real question is why cant religion stand up to empirical evidence, and the answer to that is because the people who made up this stuff, had no idea how stuff worked…

Answer #2

As a Christian/Catholic we believe Science and Religion can co-exist. We just think God created all of the science stuff like evolution.

Answer #3

This is a vague question. Science routinely contradicts religious dogma. It cannot contradict belief in a spirit… apples and oranges. Spirit being non-corporeal… yet having influence over the incorporeal world. In essence it is a generic term for the alternative position to the problem of the randomness of reality not held by determinists.

Answer #4

Even if scientist didn’t, religion contradicts itself enough to make it laughable anyways.

Answer #5

its the other way around science sint in the bussness of destroying spirtuality. science is about finding truth with undenieable facts. Spirituality many times jsut cant stand up to the test

Answer #6

Because spirituality makes absurd claims about how the universe works, and science figures out how things actually work.

Answer #7

Spirituality relies on a supernatural explanation of things that happen in the physical world. The purpose of science is to increase understanding of the physical world through observation and testing. This involves finding a natural explanation of things, so the two often contradict.

Answer #8

Because you can either believe what your beliefs say are going to happen to this world, or you can believe what science says is going to happen to this world. They are two totally different things…

Answer #10

Good work silverwings

Answer #11

I’m a Christian, and a Bio major. To me, science just proves how smart and all powerful and all knowing God is.

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