spiritual atheist?

random thought:

I consider myself a spiritual atheist

would you guys say im full of shit lawl or does anyone feel the same way? im spiritual because I believe in what we know to be real (the natural ebbs and flows of life and nature) to be spiritual and I look at them as such…without any religious connotation obviously

make sense? or not?

Answer #1

Buddhists are spiritual… AND they’re atheist… so its certainly not uncommon.

Answer #2

oops a swear…cant edit…


Answer #3

I didnt mean guys like that

I meant people in general YOU people

Answer #4

You are who you are and its important to embrace that. Consiter other beliefs while staying true to your own and accept the fact that spirtual things such as love, hope and peace exist. I’ve always thought athiesm was just simply not believing in God, but that doesnt mean not believing in anything too.

Answer #5

I know exactly how you feel. I don’t believe in god or life after death. All I believe in is science. But I believe that ordinary rational things can bring a person spiritual feeling and pleasure, like watching a sunset, thinking deeply, or listening to music.

I’m not a hippy or anything, but I think Marijuana is a great way to tap into spiritual feelings. It will help you draw spiritual pleasure from things, and help you appreciate everything around you.

Answer #6

I dont really get you, but when you find the right guy, I dont think it would really matter to him that you are a spiritual atheis and he might even like you more for bein one…

Answer #7

well, if you dont believe in God, where does the spirit(s) of nature/things that are real come from? if you subscribe to the evolution theory, how do spirits evolve?

Answer #8

well im very in tune with the spiritual side and know a little bit about hit and like someone said before me if you do beleive so much in that side whats your thought on who made it all and where it came from unless you turn to science for it but if your spiritual you should feel there s something out there more powerful but I do understand where your coming from thou its just a question I was wondering and I do think its possible because anything is

Answer #9

I don’t think you’re alone at all. Lots of high profile atheists have expressed a similar awe of nature, which is very loosely spiritual; Carl Sagan, Bertrand Russell, etc.

Answer #10

It depends on what you mean by spiritual. You don’t believe in god(s) but you believe in spirits?

Often people call things that are creative, profound or awe inspiring spiritual. Anyone who hasn’t been moved by the power and beauty of the chorus of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony or a sunset with more colors than you ever knew existed has something dead inside of them. To me it detracts nothing from these experiences to describe them in terms of the mastery by composer and performer or atmospherics.

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