Do you all have a spiritual leader to look up too?

When going to church, do you all have a spiritual leader such as your Minister, Pastor, Preacher, ECt to look up too? Someone you can pour out your emotions too when needed besides heavenly father? I know we need to pour our emotions out to Heavenly father, but, also, when you’re having certain issues, you’d want to speak to someone such as a Pastor and such. That’s what I do. Since I’m Mormon, I tend to go directly to our Branch President which for those who don’t know what a Branch President is I’ll make it simple and say, a prominent leader. He’s someone I look up too if I have anything I would need help with. He’s someone I can pour out my emotions too. That’s just me though. I don’t know about you all, but, I was just wondering if you all have any close connections with your leaders from church? If so, how do you feel when talking to that specific person? I also know for me, when I talk with my leader from church, I feel better. But, when he isn’t in church other times which that’s not too often he doesn’t make it, I feel somewhat emotional at times when I need to tell him something. Anyway, I’d like to know your thoughts and feelings on your leaders from church.

Answer #1

my AP art teacher from high school..well she’s not really a leader nor does she profess herself to be one. But that lady helped me so much, she’s like my second mother, I’ve never met anyone like her and she litterally saved my life. I look up to her so much, I tell her everything and I know I can ask her anything. She is very old and I’m worried about her health, I can’t imagine being without her. You know there is always those people in your life you know you were MEANT to meet for a higher purpose. I know it might sound corny but when I think of her, or see her, she seems to be almost filled with this really bright light, and is always smiling. She brings peace to my heart. It’s almost like she’s an angel

Answer #2

There are two people I usually go to for spiritual guidance or to talk about certain issues etc. One is a priest I get along with really well. Hes not my parish priest but I find hes really good to discuss certain issues with, possibly because hes only about ten years older than I am (unlike most of the Catholic priests I know!). The other person is one of my univerity chaplins who I’ve got to know pretty well through church etc. Its really helpful that I can go and talk to her pretty much anytime during the week, especially when I have ethical issues with some of my science papers.

Answer #3

No. I am also Mormon, here in Arizona, there are so many Mormons… and they’ve lived there all their lives, and their last 3 generations have all lived there. lol.

But I was born in Texas, moved to Idaho, then Colorado, and now Arizona. Everyone there is used to soo many mormons, so they are all really spiritual (I was considered religous everywhere I lived, and people here think I’m inactive, that’s how bad it is.) So all my church leaders look down on me, and for doing that I look down on them.


Answer #4

No, but I have a lot of spiritual leaders I look down on.

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