How to get over my fear of the dark?

I know it kind of sounds pathetic but I’m really afraid of the dark. When I go to bed I have to have the lights all on and the T.V switched on so its not quiet. Is there anyway I could get over this fear? I’m 14 and feel I should be less scared of these things now. So please give me your advice. Thanks xxx

Answer #1

wow this is amazing..I am 15 and also terribly scared of the dark..the movie that truely started this fear was the grudge 2..its been almost 3 years since I’ve seen it but it still scares me. I always think about someone in my room or watching me and I am sooo sick of feeling this way I’m 15!! lol yeah so any advice would be awesome!

Answer #2

There you go. Maybe the movies are really getting to you, and at night your imagination may run wild causing you to be scared. So…Lay off the horror flicks.

Hope it works out.

Answer #3

I guess you’ll still have the images of the horror movies in your mind, so even if you stop watching them (good advice) you need to find some other kind of image to replace them. Comedy movies are good because you can lie there replaying all the funny bits, and the humor keeps the bad images away. Or maybe a wonderful daydream about the most beautiful place you can imagine…

Answer #4

yea…horror movies arent good 4 you at night…lol like just think…there’s nothing there in the dark thats not there with the lights on…kk?? <3

hope I helped!! <3 Paigey

Answer #5

well I do watch a lot of horror movies? That might be one of the reasons.

Answer #6

humans in general are afraid of the dark, its the fact that we dont know whats there, and humans are afraid of what they dont know, its like the shark in jaws and how it was way scarier because no one ever saw it. I wonder if youve recenly moved. whenever I moved to a new place I was always uneasy going to sleep at first until I got familiar with it. is your house spooky? id say face your fears. if its somthing in specific that youre afraid of, try telling it to go away and leave you alone. just know that nothing in the spirit world can actually hurt you. nothing to fear but fear itself. I have to have my fan on when I sleep. its white noise. also when I was younger I had to have the hall light on, youll probibly grow out of it eventually. good luck

Answer #7

Well, you have to think about if there’s a certain reason as to why you’re afraid of the dark in the first place. Then just face your fears.


Answer #8

Just think about the fact that the dark is the exact same as the light. It’s just dark. Everything else is the same.

Answer #9

Thank you so much for all your advice =D I guess I let my imagination get to me sometimes. flossheal your advide, I’ll try it. it seems really good.

Answer #10

well I do watch a lot of horror movies?

Well, that certainly doesn’t HELP.

Answer #11

Yea…well I was like this too, the movie “when darkness falls” comes to mind…eek. I guess you should gradually turn off all the lights, and come down to having like a plug in light in your room. I’m 24 and I still use that! But like I said, do this gradually. Turn of the lights, and leave the tv on one night, and then I guess when you get used to that, turn off the tv.

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