How to get over my minor fear of the dark?

hmmm, well to be honest I dont know if fear of darkness is what I should call this.I am 15 and recently my house has a problem with electricity and all the lights stopped working, we are calling a electronician to check whats wrong but its going to take a week before he comes.. and since I am a girl I cant not shower during that time >< so pretty much our family is living in the dark for around a week period. I dont really have a fear for darkness because I sleep with the lights off and im fine with walking around the darkness, but I find it a bit uncomfortable trying to have a shower in the dark. Is there anything I can do…?

Answer #1

Yeah, I’m kinda with them, showering when it’s light out kinda seems like it would be the best solution, it’s just for a week…but if that REALLY bothers you then light some candles or something or ask your parents to get some of those step lights where you can just push it and it lights up the area for awhile…

Answer #2

Why don’t you just shower when it is still light outside?

Answer #3

Hmmm.. I no this sounds lame but get a torch and like tape to the wall or something… and maybe use a few candles also x

Answer #4

you could try puting candels in the bath room when you have a shower

Answer #5

well..all I can say is..if you have ANY time during the day, take one then.

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