Afraid of the dark any ideas on how to get rid of that fear?

Ok im 14 and im still afraid of the dark any ideas on how to get rid of that fear?

Answer #1

lock yourself in a closet until you realize theres nothing to be afraid of

Answer #2

I am 14 too and afraid of the dark unless somebody is wih me

Answer #3

face your fear sit in the dark by the lightswitch, when you get freaked flick it on, continue this until you no longer need the light, its a crutch

Answer #4

well if I were you all youhave to do is turn off all the lights make a little blinket for around you a fall asleep with a teddy bear and make sure when you make the fort you cant see anything but the blinket but make sure you can still breathe properly

hope that helps xoxoxoxo Alexx

Answer #5

While these are all great ideas there is nothing to be ashamed of… im almost 17 and petrified of the dark. my aunt is 21 and she is the same way

Answer #6

Fear is created in your own mind. So when you turn off all the lights and your surrounded by darkness, your mind starts playing tricks on you to get you scared. If you are able to control these thoughts and instead think of positive things and occupy your mind, you will forget all about your fear of the dark. It takes a while to get rid of a fear that you’ve had for many years. So don’t worry if every once in a while you get scared again. Everyone gets scared every once in a while. But just mentally convince yourself their is nothing to be afraid of and your mind will make the fear go away.

Answer #7

what makes you so afraid in the first place

Answer #8

If you have tent set it up in your back yard. Stay in there until you over come your fear. This what idid when I was young. Do it a few times a week.

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