How do I get over my fear of bees without seeing a doctor?!?!?!?

O.k I have this extreme fear of bees.I will like drop whatever I am doing and run away!It is sssooo embarrassing!!!=( !!!I got stung once in kindergarden and once in 1st grade.It flip’n hurt like crap!!!I was crying forever!Anyways,two reasons I hate warm weather: 1.)Pollen 2.)Bees Where there is flowers,there are bees.Today I was going over to a friend’s house and I all I saw was bees.Some of them were chasing me!At first I tried to not get scared but more came and I started running,luckly they quit.(Whew!that was a close one!)And I wanted to wear something light and comfy.I wore a white skirt with a orange shirt(not my best idea huh?)and a white cover-up.I know I know I should have seen that coming but it was sssooo hot out!How can I get rid of this fear?I can’t go see a doctor b/c we don’t have insurince so that is out of the question.(we are poor.) Help?!?!?!?!?!?!?THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Answer #1

It is not entirely helpful to continue in your avoidant behavior (by wearing specific colors). That will just make you believe that your fear is founded and that there is something to be afraid of. The fear will just get worse. First of all, are you sure you’re not allergic? Because if you are, well the fear is just life preserving… If you’re not, there are counselors you can work with who will do it very cheap. Usually you’ll be working with counselors in training or in community mental health settings, but they will do it at a rate you can afford. If it is a problem to that point, you may want to consider it.

Answer #2

Well Try Not to get freaked out when you see them because they think you are going to attack them.Don’t wear perfum it attracts them and hats with VERY bright colors also do ,Clothes That are also colorful attracts them also,try even if its hot wear dark clothes..These are the colors that bees like…Pink,Yellow,Orange,Green,white..Etc colors that are Okay..Black,Gray,Dark Blue,Dark purple and brown are good. Hoped I helped!!! ;)

Answer #3

I am not allergic,I am just TERRIFIED of them!I can not go to someone who thinks I am crazy!no!Not happening!

Answer #4

You did help!Thanks!

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