How do I get over my fear of driving on the open Highway?

Okay I’ve recently gotten over my fear of driving period but when I get out on the open highway I get very nervous. Especially on country roads where lots of cars come through. I took my sister home yesterday and she told me I drive fine but everytime me and a car pass each other going in the opposite direction I go over to the white line. But I feel its best instead of going over to the yellow line lol ! I just have this big fear of a head on collision. I can drive I just tense up too much I won’t even drive to walmart in the next town because I’m scared.

Oh and I’ve only had my license for about 2 wks now!

Answer #1

Wow! I’m the exact same way. I just got my permit not too long ago. I’ve only driven once, and that was on Thanksgiving! I’m so scared to drive in town with all the other cars, afraid that I’m going to do something stupid. I’m afraid that I’m going to crash or something horrible like that. But I know that I’m going to have to do it sooner or later. You’re just going to have to face it. The more you tackle it and do it, the more comfortable you’ll end of being. Remember - practice makes perfect (:

Answer #2

* I just have this big fear of a head on collision.

* The best way to get over something - is to face it head on.

I couldn’t help point this out, even though mandyloo is right. You just have to force yourself to face your fears. You can start by driving on the highway for short intervals. Do that often, and you’ll eventually start getting used to it.

Answer #3

The best way to get over something - is to face it head on. You have to force yourself to drive on roads that make you uncomfortbale in order to get the hang of it and get over your fear. You just got your license, it’s normal to be overwhelmed and scared. Just practice driving on the roads that scare you and you’ll get over it eventually.

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