start a career in showbiz but I am skeptical on where to start.

I want to start a career in showbiz but I am skeptical on where to start. I know I have to get auditions and stuff but they are very hard to find. I was thinking of trying different schools or audition findings in order to help me network. Here are some I found: Barbizon, John Casablancas, John Roberts Powers, Explore Talent, Actor’s Access, Backstage Magazine. Which ones are scams?

Thanks in advance

Answer #1

Try finding a few actors (or actresses) you like…and and then see what schools, if any, they attended.

A friend of mine recently started doing commercials and a few independent projects in San Diego, after deciding he wanted to be an actor (we were both in theater in high school, but I did a play in college where he dropped it completely).

Thing is, he’s gotten roles, parts, etc, just by showing up for it (auditioning). So…if the famous people you’re trying to emulate haven’t been to those schools, it’s not the end of the world.

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