How can I start my career in singing

I have always been able to sing very well. Everyone tells me I should do it for the rest of my life. How do I start a career with barely any time and not much money.

Answer #1

lol…im in a local band around my hometown and I am a vocalist…from experience do not push yourself…take things slower. for sure you need to start going for vioce lessons…no matter how good you maybe every singer needs a vioce coach…and you need to record something good. try doing a song somebody else did that you feel comfortable singing and send it to diffrent places and the rest is just waiting

Answer #2

simple, practice first then go to your family, see if they like it go on youtube/ myspace and get some videos in hope for the best and get a good gig

Answer #3

You can also try MySpace Music Good Luck!

Answer #4

put yourself on youtube. thats how a few people got famous :)

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