How can I get my career started?

How Can I Start It?I Love To Sing, Act, Dance ,and Model.My Singing Career Would Start Probably With With My Cousin I Am Already Writing Songs And Im On My 2nd Song But If It Doesnt Start From There What Other Helpful Ideas Can Help Me Get Started AnyWays?. Next Thing Is Dancing I Like To Dance But Idk If I Can Get To Much Into It. I Love To Act I Joined The Drama Club And I Like To Be In Plays And To Act How Can That Carrer Get Started? I Know I Am Not That That Pretty But I Feel That I Got The Attitude And Stamna To Be A Model How Can I Get That As A Career. Help?

Answer #1

-Start by auditioning for plays that’s a great way to get noticed.

Answer #2

The problem with showbiz is that it’s so competitive and there are millions of people daily trying to be noticed. I’d advise you to think of something that makes you completely different - find a way to stand out from everyone else. Try to figure out what will set you apart from all the others who are trying for the same thing.

Answer #3

I Said To Answer the Question I Didnt Ask For Your Speech No Offense

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