17 want to start a career in london dont know how to start?

im 17 and want to start a career in london I just dont know how to go about it. like getting a junior role then progressing up the ladder any help?

Answer #1

Well if you don’t live there - the first step would take is to move to London. Get into a college out there, get a degree, and then find a job that you can start out at - where you learn while working. Eventually you will move up the ladder to bigger and better jobs through experience.

Answer #2

Getting your college degree is essential in today’s business world. That’s the best thing you can do. Even if you don’t go to college in London. Find an in-state college that doesn’t cost too much. Having that can get you more opportunities than just starting a business ever would.

Answer #3

I am arslan haider rom pakistan and wants to start my career in london. I am only 17 years old.I am studying on college level.

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