is it safee to buy a belly button ring at hot topic?

Answer #1

Yes, of course. The cheaper the ring the more of a chance you will have problems with it though since cheap metal tends to cause people problems, look for ones that are sterling silver and youll be find.

Answer #2

I wouldn’t worry so much about the belly ring itself. I would worry how you are piercing it, infection, etc…

Answer #3

i just wanna make sure cause i dont want it to get infected. how long should i have it in for? it says 6 weeks. should i go longer than 6 weeks. the box thingy it came in says nothing about being sterling silver soo how would i know?

Answer #4

it says it is surgical stainless steel.

Answer #5

Are you talking about as the jewellery the piercing is actually done with??

Answer #6

surgical steel is the most common and best thing to use in piercing jewelrey, so yes, surgical steel is fine. s for how long. that depends…if you dont alreay have a piercing there youl need to get it porfesionally done then leave the jewelrey in it for at least 6 months, if its alredy done, youll need to have had it in for around 6 months (so it can heal) before changing the jewelrey

Answer #7

Brand names don’t really speak for the quality of the jewelry so much as the material it’s made from. As long as it’s in a sterile container you should be fine using it. However, you’ll have to make sure you’re using a safe metal as some people have specific metal allergies, which can also cause a piercing to become infected or reject jewelry. I know surgical steel is generally safe which is what Morbid Metals’ products are usually made of, however I also know they sell some acrylic things as well which is a very porous material, which you should avoid if your piercing is new/still healing.

The only problem I’ve had in using the Morbid Metals brand from Hottopic is that I find their selections are rather limited and rarely carry the size I want. I ended up having to go online to find the correct size for the curved barbell I wear in my lip.

Answer #8

no i bought another ring for after the healing is done.

Answer #9

6 months? ughh thats a longg time.

Answer #10

of course, as long as your belly button is healed first

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