Im pregnant and I have my belly button pierced

Im a few weeks pregnant with my second child and I have a belly button ring and I was was wondering is it safe to leave it in? Im worried about it stretching and pulling and itchin but I dont wanna take it out like I did ith my first child and have to get it redone again it hurt more the second time. So should I keep it in is it safe for the baby and me?

Answer #1

you can get a pregnancy ring for it lol

Answer #2

yup a retainer is the answer.

Answer #3

u can buy felxible belly bars wich are made for pregnant women that have their belly peirced

Answer #4

It will need to be taken out eventually, you cant go an entire pregnancy with a belly button ring.

Answer #5

No! You can buy something called a retainer, it’s a plastic belly bar that most piercing salons sell. When you buy it it’s very long but as it’s a flexible bendy bar you cut it to size. Don’t worry it’s not dangerous :) x

Answer #6

Yeahh buy a retainer! Listen to the person above! It will stretch with your stomach and won’t be a problem. You can get them anywhere that sells jewerlley. Go to a piercers. They will definately have some!

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