how do i get rid of a stalker??

i have a stalker and its this kid i met at a party and i gave him my number.he wont leave me allone!!he is always every hwhere i go he always wants to know what im doing i have told him i dont want anything to go with him but he wont leave me allone.but i wont go to the police.what do i do??

Answer #1

Tell him you’ll call the police.

Answer #2

tryed didnt work. :/ hes not scared his dad is a cop.

Answer #3

Tell him you were a dude. It actually worked for a friend of mine. Or let him see you with a bigger dude.

Answer #4

i´ll try to get him to see me with a bigger dude thanxx

Answer #5

Why not talk to his dad then. Guys like that are generally scared of their dad.

Answer #6

telling him you were a guy is pretty interesting/creative.

Answer #7

ok :D i will try that too :D thanks!!

Answer #8

Stalk him back!

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