How do I get rid of my stage fright wile singing?

Ok, so I really wanna be a singer maybe in a band or something..and my friend says im really good. So, how do I over come my stage fright of singing?

:) thanks

Answer #1

Relax and think about the song then foces on a person or a spot for the song and you will b fine :)

Answer #2

Well, it starts with practice. practice practice practice!! I’ve had that stage of stage fright before. work your way up. like sing in maybe a karaoke contest,and then maybe a little neighborhood get together. working your way up until your comfortable singing in front of more and more people. or, when your singing in front of an audience, look right above their heads. so they think your looking at them. hope this helps alittle(:

Answer #3

Just think about how great you are. And how the people your singing too is enjoying it that’s how I got over my stage fright

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