How can I get rid of my paranoid thoughts?

I think there is someone waiting to kill me right now…A surprise attack. Sneak up behind me and stab me in the throat. Or choke me,or rape me. How can I get rid of my paranoid thoughts? PLEASE HELP ME!! Any answer will be appreciated.

Answer #1

learn martial arts

Answer #2

talk to a friend or something tell them exactly and maybe getting it off your chest will help relax you

Answer #3


From one paraoid little freak to another…

If I get nightmares, I keep telling myself over and over for about an hour before I go to bed that I wont dream of bunnies. And what do you know - I dream of bunnies…

Try it !

Be good!

Answer #4

I feel like that all the time . just try to get your mind on sumthin else or talk to someone who makes you feel safe.thats what I do

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