Republicans. Do they or do they not support abortion?

Real Quick. I know It’s not a real important question but I need to know for my test tomorrow.

Answer #1

As far as supporting abortion rights goes. According to a recent Gallop poll

Among Republicans:

30% Pro-choice 66% Pro-life


59% Pro-choice 35% Pro-life

Answer #2

I didn’t completely understand some of it. I am only thirteen and the answer that gave me information about what Republicans thought about abortion didnt really make sense to me. So I thought I would just ask “real quick”. I have my information now. Thanks. And sorry for asking again.

Answer #3

as ty mentioned, you have great answers there in your other question from earlier today.

Answer #4

This has already been answered in a previous question, is there a reason you’re asking again?

Answer #5

lol, generally speaking, most republicans are against abortion…

Answer #6

The official Republican party platform opposes abortion.

Answer #7

No conservatives are usually pro life XD like mee!!

Answer #8 this explains them

Answer #9

Thank you. Any other important “stuff” that Republicans support, or are against, that could be useful for my test tomorrow?

Answer #10

lets put it this way some are some arent but generally speaking they are against it

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