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I'm so sick of republicans attacking Obama.

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I mean seriously, McCain and Palin both said their supporters wanted bigger and dominant attacks on Obama to hurt his campaign. Calling him names such as "socialist" "Communist", Now I want to talk about those two words. Communism is when things are ran and controlled by the government, obviously republicans don't want that why? There are PLENTY of things ran and controlled by our government, such as POLICEMEN, FIREMEN, NASA, etc. Now do you think that's communism? No I didn't think so. They're getting to desperate that Obama is kicking butt on the campaign race, they're using an untruthful tactic to ruin his chances. Palin's Husband was part of a movement group in Alaska, you know what they wanted to do? Separate Alaska from the U.S. Now you're saying Obama isn't a true american for not putting his hand on his heart during the national anthem? Wow, so pathetic, I've seen many people put their hands behind their backs, which is what obama did. Now wanting to separate A state fromt he union is completely UN-AMERICAN. Along with Palin being for abstinence, not selling condoms, Not for abortion, Her 17 year-old daughter is pregnant, not married, definitely didn't use a condom. Wow, Possibly the most un american family I've seen. Obama is not muslim, he come's from a christian church in chicago, not a terrorist, I'm sick of republicans being so prejudice towards him because of his race, religion, and name. Non of that means ANYTHING.

Thoughts? Opinions?