Why is abortion wrong; what all is wong with abortion?

I have a project due in two days and the topic is abortion. I almost have all of the details but I need some more supporting detail. Please tell me all that is wong, what are all he risks, and at what time duing the pregnacy the baby has a heart.

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And with abortion I’m fully prochoice, cause theres a lot of situations where having a child WILL NOT WORK. Incest, rape, dangerous pregnancy The list goes on. There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of children waiting for be adopted so really to the people who just say oh have your baby and put it up for adoption you go adopt those babies with no families. I know people who were raised in the system, and it was hell for them. They never got adopted and just bounced from foster home to foster home. A HUGE majority of children wont get adopted. So it’s not as simple as oh just keep the baby and put it up for adoption. As I said if you say that you go adopt a child, then you have place to talk. So really if a woman took all precautions to not get pregnant and under no circumstances can’t raise a baby it’s her choice of if to keep it or not.

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Prenatal development is divided into two stages. The first is the embryonic stage, which lasts for about two months. Then the fetal stage begins. At the beginning of the fetal stage the hands, feet, head, brain, and other organs are present, and they continue to grow and develop. When the fetal stage starts, a fetus is typically about 1.2 inches in length, and the heart can be seen beating via sonograph; the fetus bends the head, and also makes general movements that involve the whole body. Some fingerprint formation occurs from the beginning of the fetal stage.

It isn’t until week 23 that the fetus can survive, albeit with major medical support, outside of the womb. It is not until then that the fetus possesses a sustainable human brain.

I am guessing you attend Catholic school?

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I’m unbelieveably shocked you have a project on that due cause it’s such a touchy risky topic

http://3dpregnancy.parentsconnect.com/ click on each week and it will tell you whats up with the baby during that point in pregnancy.

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The baby has a heart at 18days , and by 21 days it is pumping.

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Watch an abortion video on youtube of an actual procedure pretty sick to me.

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