Do relacore weight loss pills work?

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The short answer: no.

The long answer:

Relacore is yet another product (similar to Cortislim, CortiStress and Cortidrene) that claims weight gain is the result of excess stress.

The main ingredient, as it pertains to cortisol control, is Magnolia bark. However, while the honokiol element of Magnolia bark may be an effective anxiolytic agent there is no scientific data that validates its ability to lower cortisol levels.

While it is arguable that stress does play a role in weight gain, it is one that is secondary to sedentary lifestyles and excessive calorie consumption. It is a serious "oversimplification" to suggest that "stress keeps us fat". It's also greatly misleading, since it does not take into account the other major factors that have contributed to the obesity crisis over the last several decades.

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Well I use Lipozene and it's been workin for me so I'm all good but I don't just take the pills eat whatever and sit around either...I work my tail off but only for 180 mins a day the rest of the day I drink water like I'm dying of dehydration lol I drink 6-8 16 oz bottles of water everyday if not more do tae bo amped and belly dance, plus I have a wonderful little 3 why/o to keep me busy through out the day until his 6 why/o brother comes home then it's double trouble lol

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