Do weight loss pills work?

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These are not diet pill.

These products are natural and have been around over 25 years. There is a plan for everyone that wants to lose or even gain weight. A healthier you.

Diet pills do not work. I took them as a teenager and developed an ulcer and those are painful. Esp. when you are not correctly informed.

My son is currently almost 300lbs and I am coaching him on his weight loss, he's 16yrs old. I don't know how old you are but no matter what start now do it for your health and for your future.

More than anything I want to help you.
I know all those odd and ugly feelings of beign criticized and laughed at for being overweight. There are many plans available to you.

(2lbs per week, Healthy weight loss, no starving)

I know how it is to be the fatso and the ugly duckling but I also know what it is to lose weight and get the attention so hopefully you will contact me.

I am currently trying to lose 100 lbs so far I have lost 8lbs on my first month, no starving required. When it comes to losing weight it's extremely difficult, but it can be done.

You need to start with determination, discipline and really want it.

Remember also many years of the abuse given to our digestive system counts. there is a 21 day cleansing program with what I am currently using that helps. esp. those last few pounds are the hardest. I say few because I have 100+ to go.

I truely believe that every pound counts so I know that those twenty lbs are really bothering you.

My father is a 68yrs old and has run 20+ marathons all of them 26+ miles he had about 10lbs to lose and couldn't for many years. Believe me he is a healthy man, but couldn;t get rid of those last few and he lost them within 2mths. My mom one of the worlds most stubborn women has changed her eating habits and lost 9lbs the first month she's 61yrs old and my brother lost 13;bs the first month he used the 21 day we have a whole list of people in our family alone losing it. Using these products

I'm giving you these websites for you to get more info :
(please read the blogs)
and on
you can get more info on your health.

Remember there are many people offering you many products but I myself am a living testimony and I am also tired of my overweight issue I've battled with it all my life. Don't take other peoples word for it do it yourself.

I currently don;t have pics of me posted due to the embarrasment of how I look and anybody with a weight issue knows that taking pics is not a fun thing to do. But I will post them as soon as I feel I can dig up the courage to take the after pic. I do have the before pic.
hope to hear from you. jemmvli

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By law, all the weight loss pill commercials say "use with proper diet & exercise..." which, by itself, with no diet pills at all, is proven to help you lose weight.

So it would seem, if you listen to the commercials, they are telling you that those pills don't work, but hoping that you buy them anyway.

Do any weight pills work?

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Diet pills are supplements made to help boost metabolism to burn excess fat from your body WHILE you're exercising and eating healthy. I take a supplement, do 40mins of tae bo in the am and 45 mins of belly dancing in the pm, drink 6-8 16oz bottles of water a day and eat as much healthy food as possible. I have also researched foods that are natural fat burners like broccilli, grapefruit, apricots, and asparagus. I am a steamed broccilli fiend so it works for me lol

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