What is a weight loss pill thatWORKS??

I go to the gym allmost every night it is just my diet that I need to work on. I also work two jobs which require me to be on my feet the whole time. anyone know of ant weight loss pills that REALLY work? please help.. :)

Answer #1

None you only loose water weight which you gain back up in a day you want to loose body fat not water weight only. although you might find yourself a few pounds less but thats all water weight loss you’ll gain back up in no time. my best suggestion is protien protein protein thats what keeps you full and scince your on the go and all, if you have to eat at a fast food restaurant make smart choices like get a salad no dressing instead of crispy fried foods ;order grilled; instead of regular soda ;diet soda ,,little things make all the difference good luck

Answer #2

lmao at people that actually believe this bs about weightloss pills

Answer #3

acai pills

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