weight loss pills you can buy at the store

Are there weight loss pills you can buy at the store with no doctors or whatever involved? If so, what’s the best kind?

Answer #1

What pill is that?

Answer #2

you can buy weight liss pills at wall mart or something, but I think you have to b 18. I don’t know what works tho.

Answer #3

Yes, I have bought weight loss pills from the supermarket before. You don’t need to be a certain age, since I was 15 at the time. and It really depends what you want the pills to do. So just read the labels, because they all work in different ways, for example, the ones I use make you less hungry, so I don’t feel the need to eat all the time and it fastens my metabolism.

Answer #4

ok try hydryoxcut they are expensive but if you steal you can steal them they have strong side effects so instead of taking 2 pills 3 times a day take only 1 3 times a day. and rememeber they only work if you follow the directions they worked for me

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