Weight Loss Pills.?

Do Avons weight loss pills really work.?

Answer #1

I don’t know but if they doo tell me =] ima need them.

Answer #2

Well, yes and no.

If you follow a strict healthy diet and exercise regimen, then yes - you will loose weight…however, if you’re doing all that, you don’t need the pills anyway.

And this looks bad on me because I’m a Avon Rep.

Answer #3

Weight loss pills don’t work!!! It is a combination of the placebo effect and the water they get you to take the pills with that make you think they are working. By drinking a large glass of water before each meal you will fill much fuller by the end of it than you usually would, due to the extra amount of water in your stomach. Just eat healthily and do a good amount of exercise and the weight will fall off! Good luck! :)

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