How to tell if you've been reincarnated?

How can you tell if you have been reincarnated?

Answer #1

Some people say they know they have re-incarnated by things they remember about their past lives. Lots of research has been done mostly concerning children who have “remembered” past lives to an extent that bewilders even the greatest unbeliever. I’ve also heard that therapy can trigger past life experiences and leave the patient with the impression that indeed they have re-incarnated and lives before.

As you see by posters answers this is a very debated subject and people generally have no recollection of former lives. Some researchers think there is a link between re-incarnation memories and the openness of the society or culture to re-incarnation itself. Therefore there are more recollections of past lives in regions of the world where re-incarnation is considered a normal state of being.

Answer #2

Go to a psychic and she will let you know. Apparently I used to be a monkey. I don’t remember what I did, but it must have been really bad considering I’ve been demoted to a human.

Answer #3

I think in 99% of cases, you don’t know. I don’t think you’re supposed to know, either.

That is, if you believe in reincarnation.

Answer #4

Dear holiness, Different cultures believe different things about reincarnation. There has been an abundant success with past life therapy. Even conventional psychiatrist will refer to a past life therapist and see great results. Believe in it or not it has given answers to many unanswered questions in some peoples lives and I have seen some wonderful results with this type of therapy…like I said true or not it is amazing some of the stories about children who have live in isolated villages who can recollects past lives so accurately that there isn’t any room for disbelief. Sue…good luck

Answer #5

You can’t tell…

Answer #6

The bible does not teach this, so, I do not believe in it.

Answer #7

You sometimes feel ‘beside’ yourself - ok, kidding, I don’t believe in reincarnation….Take care !!

Answer #8

If you come back a cow or monkey chances are your reincarnated but then you wouldn’t be using the computer. . . .

Answer #9

I think “karma” has a big role in it……

Answer #10

I would submit there’s plenty of room for disbelief - it’s called the Bible.

Answer #11

people made all that up… the bible was written by eople… there IS a jesus, as an actual historical figure, but god, naah. i think humans made that up.

Answer #12

seriously, it just doesnt exist. So stop worrying and embrace ur life! It’s urs and urs only. Not and never will be a second-hand life.

Answer #13

I honestly just think that it doesnt exist

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