What do I tell my mother if I've decided to become an Atheist?

I’ve decided to become an Atheist. My mother and brother, the two people who I live with, are christians. So I’m not exactly sure what to tell my mother about how I don’t believe in a God / Jesus Christ. I’m very sure she will not accept me and be angry at me.. and maybe she will never speak to me again. How should I tell her about this?

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I say tell her but give some good philsoophical argument for the non existence of god but she’ll counter argue it with something like God is all knowing and creator of evrything…but you know it depends how much chrisitanity is a part of ure life…if it is a part of ure families life..tyhen dont make a big ufss but if ure mom’s likes being philosophical about god you can play the cheeky son and throw in any philosophical argument…ut dont go with stff like god doesnt exist so Mum I’m an atheist now that is not philsophical…research and read about some philosophical argument…if ure mum says something like son god knows evrything and he’s the creator of evrything…and if you accept jesus into ure life ull be saved etc etc…talk about evil and sufferning in the world lol..do some research and talk philosphical..but dont just go to ure mum and say MOM I think I’m an Atheist..u can do that f ure having a laugh and ure mum takes such things lightly like my mum or else beware of how you approach this…I would never Ever dare talk to my dad about me being anyhting BUT chrisitan!!

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@paulclc - No. God doesn’t love me, I DON’T believe in him. Thanks for your concern though. My life isn’t sad, I have tons of friends and a great full life. Just because I don’t believe in some all loving god doesn’t mean I’m going to hell, or will be sad my whole life, I don’t believe in satan/devil/hell either.

@pipet - I’m not an atheist to rebel or upset my mother. I refuse to believe in such a thing as god, heaven, hell, satan.

@teachel - What if I yelled right back in your face “OMG DON’T BELIEVE IN GOD IT’S WRONG!” Take that right up the @$$ you moron.

Thankyou to some of the people who actually helped me. I’ve decided not to tell her.. though I think she already knows.

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Tell her the truth. But if you have decided that it is to excuse youself from being responible for you own acts and easies you consience when you sin. God still lives and loves you and always will. But your life will be sad and without hope because of such a choice. Remember wickedness never was happiness

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I’m a daughter, not a son. I’m not going to research and argue with her. I already know what I’ve chosen, and that is to not believe in any god/s.

‘but dont just go to ure mum and say MOM I think I’m an Atheist’

I don’t THINK I’m an atheist I KNOW I’m an atheist.

sigh Lol. I suppose I could just not tell her.

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One of the costs of free thought, is that it isn’t much tolerated. You pretty much have to deceive some people about it. You shouldn’t feel bad for doing so, since it’s 100% their own fault that you can’t be honest with them.

So I’ll reiterate what askegg said. Just don’t tell her.

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Is there any need to tell her? What will it achieve?

Still, you can ask the difficult questions if the topic ever comes up. Reason with her over the years. Eventually she may realise that she believes because she believes.

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Atheist don’t believe God exists I’m not sure everyone gets that. It’s not a cop-out, it’s the most rational, logical, and honest position.

If people want to look down on you, or judge you for being an Athesit, don’t worry about what they think, because they don’t. They don’t think because they are brainwashed and get all their answers out of a book.

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being an athiest is in part a rebellion and being its your parents belief you’ll be in rebellion to them and their way of life. do you expect them to be happy about that. your faith is between you and your God you cna’t get to him by your parents. so why do you want to or not to tell them deal with it in your heart first. If you beieve He is not real why do athiest even give him a thought if they don’t believe. If you ask me they have to work harded to not believe than to believ. but thats up to you and them.

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I agree with askegg. I see no reason to tell her. if it comes up in a group discussion, keep your mouth closed. if asked directly, say that you have questions and are seeking the answers. or ask her the questions like askegg said. sometimes just turning the question back to the person avoids all sorts of arguments. you will know when the time is right. my son used to tell me EVERYTHING. I was thankful for the open communication but really wish he had kept some things to himself. lol.

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Don’t tell her anything unless the subject comes up and you feel the setting is right for open religious discussion.

You are only going on 14 and don’t really need to be making final philosophic decisions right now. Give yourself four more years of exposure to life and knowledge and, then, you will be better able to present your beliefs to others with a logic that you have developed to back you up.

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Tell her you believe in evolution and Darwinism. A lot of people do.

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Tell me, if you and your family were in a car accident and you looked at your mom and she was dead and you new that you were next. Would you cry out to God and pray or will you condem him? Either or, you would believe in Him. Or would you say this is my time and now I’ll be worm food? Don;t you think there’s more to death and life for that matter than not believing in God? And if your mom was a true christian that she would not hate you she should love you no matter what. what if I condemed your mom for being a christian? Would you stick up for her and her belief’s. If so, you would still believe in God. the problem is If you gave your heart to him when you were younger, You may want to turn from GOD now, But God will NEVER leave you. God will be with you until the day of your own death. However, which you probably all ready know is, if you turn your life around before that happens you will go to heaven. then God will be with you for eternity.

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