How can I build up enough courage to tell my parents im wiccan?

K I am going to tell my parents that I am a wiccan but I am sooo scared. Every time I think”all right this is it just say it” I always just can’t get any words out of my mouth. How do I tell them that I am wiccan and how do I get the words out of my mouth?

Answer #1

You need to think about how they will react first. When I was younger I decided to tell my parents I was an Athiest - they kicked me out of the house. They told me that if I didn’t believe in God and all the things he has done for me, then I could not live under their roof. In the end - I wish I had waited until I was moved out of their house and 18 before I told them.

Answer #2

ya whats wiccan?

Answer #3

whats a wiccan?

Answer #4

umm watsz wiccan

Answer #5

This is like the 5th time you’re asking this question.

Answer #6

When you are having dinner or something say, “What do you think of Wiccans?”

Then after they’ve said what they think of them, say like “Well, I think they’re great. I’ve done my research and I’m a Wiccan now :)”

Something along those lines… face it though, you won’t be able to do it telepathically… you actually have to communicate with them to tell. :)

Answer #7

:( I know im sorry… I was just really anxious.

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