Racist people give me the chills...

I like so dislike racist people, is it wrong for me to say I dislike them after all they dont like specific types of people. I have encounter so many of them . I acant help stop getting into fights because of that, do you think its right for me to defend my race. Its like anytime a person utters the words I hate …my ears is already drawn to know what they re gonna say , and trust me they had better watch their mouth or else id just be a racist bully, what do you think about that.

Answer #1

Yeah its right for you to defend your race! I hate rascist people too!

Answer #2

You do need to learn to deal with it, because it will happen always, at every level, whether it’s race or the type of car someone drives. Sadly its human nature to make fun of those who are different.

Be proud of who you are.

Answer #3

yeah you guys are like so right, fighting just does not make it any better, but its like it 2009 for crying out loud arent these people gonna realise its just pure ignorance, when are they gonna open their eyes and realise we bleed the same blood, we all have to die one day…and what not…I just cant stand it…

Answer #4

There are too many “isms” in this world nowadays, however I think racism is so overblown, Too many people are clinging on to what happened over a century ago, everyone is equal now however racist slurs are mainly petty arguements, sayin niger and pki is like white people calling another white man a pu*f or a bender. If racism is dished out from one side then it can be taken from the other, that is just my honest opinion, I am racist within reason, ie if I am provoked or whatever.

Answer #5

You dislike bigotry, I dont see a problem with that… As for they dislike specific types of people, well no, they dont… They dislike any kind of person who has a certain skin color or features that make them part of another group… There’s no specificity there… They’re just plain filled with hate…

As for getting into fights, well how exactly does that help anything? There are going to be bigots no matter what, people will say what they want to say (and they have a right to say what they want to say), and you placing yourself in harms way does not help or change anything. I think its stupid to get into a fight with someone…

Answer #6

A hater is a hater, regardless of the purpose.

One group of people might hate dogs - they’re still haters Another group may hate a particular colour of skin - haters And yet, when someone hates those haters, what does that make them? They’re still haters.

That doesn’t mean you should condone racism, but perhaps you need to think of a new strategy - hate breeds contempt and that never turns into anything beneficial. There are better ways…

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