What gives the right to people to tell me how much im going to do with my life?

I get tired of people telling me the great things i could do, i know i can, but if it offers no happiness or no sanctuary to me whats the point?

Answer #1

No body has a right to tell you anything. All they can do is advise you and help you chose what you want. You have the final say, it is Your life afterall. Everyone has the right to be happy.

Answer #2

They don’t really have the right to tell you how to be happy the choice is really yours to make, but it never hurts to let them give you ideas and to listen to the things they may tell you. In the end though it comes down to the fact that if you are happy then they should accept your choices.

Answer #3

freedom of speach allows people to say pretty much whatever they want, and someties those coments can be cruel. however what people say isnt necessarily what will happen. there just giving there opinion. you are the only one who can choose what your going to do with your life

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Answer #5

Doesn’t sound like they’re telling you what you’re going to do, just the possibilities…..maybe they don’t think you’re applying yourself, or maybe they’re trying to make you feel good about yourself…..it sure doesn’t sound like they’re telling you anything bad.

Answer #6

Now now, posing a question like this without a real background is not really fair. You know why people are telling you those things. It’s an attempt to give you hope, show you how much potential you have and point out what a waste it would be if you died. Now, we both know that when you’re unhappy, you get a little self absorbed and a little selfish. Living because you have a lot to offer doesnt mean much when you get no happiness and joy from it. But, people are trying to help. Be as self absorbed as you want, be as angry and frustrated. It’s a part of being depressed. But quit blaming others for trying to help when you’re going to them to seek help. People dont give me pep talks any more. They did when I would seek help. There must be a reason you keep getting all these people telling you all these things. And yeah, they dont have the answers. They dont get where you’re coming from. You’re going to be hard pressed to find people who do get where your coming from. But even if you cant be grateful that people care enough to bother with you, at least appreciate the effort.

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