Why are so many people racist?

Why are so many people racist.? It’s retarded.

Just bc we’re a different colors doesn’t mean anything, we all bleed red blood, we all cry clear tears, and we all have feelings.

Answer #1

Racism is no ones fault, and everyone’s problem, Some just have a certain mentality that its them (their race) against the others, they fear the fact that another person of a different race is able to pass them. Every person in my opinion has had racial thoughts even me. There is no way to stop this problem, as long as there are different colors of the rainbow there will be there will be racism.

~Shaquil Washington~

Answer #2

I get what you mean, most of the time stereotyping turns into racism. I actual am blacl and im dating a hite guy and one night me was getting angry at some black kid throwing stuff at his house and he said “ baby im not trying to be racist, but most black people here really start a lot of trouble”. . . and most of the time I do agree with that. . . im not racist, I love all people. When god created this world he put different skin colors in here for a reason, we all have the same features and we really shouldnt be saying anything bout each other. . . I hate that so much.

Answer #3

sometimes its not racisim there just making joke

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