What do you think about racist people?

Whats do you guys think abouty racist people

Answer #1

Racism, to me, is very bs. I mean why would anyone consider hurting/hating another person by the color of their skin? Seriously, we are all human beings. We are only different by the color of our skin, it doesn’t change who we are inside. So to me, I believe their is no purpose in racism, it’s just plain out horrible.

Answer #2

It makes me sad. So many people out there, with loving hearts and new experiences to share, all ignored because of someone’s ignorance about the color of skin is just an example of the Lord’s beautiful array of creation.

Answer #3

I agree yeah, but what does the colour of ones skin matter and how does that make a difference to an actual person? my boyfriends italian and my step brothers girlfriends black, there people in their own skin and I love them, I dont see how been black effects someone, or I dont see how been white makes you a different person

Answer #4

People are the way they are because they’re brought up to be that way… Over time people get better, but honestly I think to some degree everyone’s racist in their own way…

Answer #5

Everyone is racist at some level and to hate racist people would be to hate everyone in the world. It is more appropriate to say that racist comments annoy you or something like that but to hate someone just because they seem racist in your opinion is wrong. And remember, saying that, for example, you want obama to win because you think a black person would make a better president than a white person is just as racist as saying you don’t want obama to win because he is black…

Answer #6

yep everyone has there own ideas oh and I’m not racists I’m just asking a question people

Answer #7


Answer #8

I HATE racism, I really really do hate it, I think its horrible. I wont say anymore because it’ll just be me saying I hate it I hate it haha

Answer #9

They are ignorant and controlled by fear.

Answer #10

I hate racism!

Answer #11

There ignorant. And if they are racist usually they are ignorant about a whole lot of other things to. Time changes and we should be treating people equally not discriminating them because of the color of their skin

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