This riddle is truely hard, maggiemaydude give other people a cha

Ten pears hanging high, Ten men come passing by, Each took a pear and left nine hanging there. How could that be?

Answer #1

They took the pears lying on the ground?

Answer #2

each is a person?

Answer #3

I dont get it. o.o

Answer #4

each is the name of one of the ten man

Answer #5

yesss!!! ty you got it right!!!

Answer #6

I don’t think I can do this one 0.0

Answer #7


Answer #8

Or hint. Is there a reason that the word ‘Each’ is capitalized? ;)

Answer #9

do you want the answer???

Answer #10

lol can I answer?

Answer #11

they shared??

Answer #12

kinda, but kinda not… I don’t know.

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