Do you think dreams give people an important message?

do you think dreams give people an important message or are just stupid things you think about when your awake that are transported to through your mind while your asleep?

Answer #1

For me they are just the mind’s way of orgamizing all of the information that has come in throughout the day. I always dream about something I have though about or seen the previous day. Sometimes it’s just organized into story form. For example, if I talk to a friend I haven’t seen in a while, I’ll dream that I’m back living someplace I lived in the past or taking a trip with them.

Answer #2

nahh, dreams are just your subcontious mind sorting thoughts, and things that happened throughout the day, unless you are phsycic or something.

Answer #3

I think dreams are our subcontious mind telling us whats really bothering us. plus it can make for some really interesting dreams. (where does Christine Aguilara live anyway lol)

Answer #4

sometimes. sometimes not…

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